9th Moon

9th Moon : « The origin of Rock music »

November 2017, the 9th Moon was unveiled in the 29th Guitar Festival of Issoudun for the very first time. The 9th Moon is a Weissenborn style guitar. The soundboard is made of spruce, the back and the sides are made of black locust, the neck is made of maple, the fingerboard is made of tulipwood.

Below are a few photos of the inauguration of the Guitar Festival of Issoudun, as the 9th Moon was presented, the exhibition was attended by André Laignel, Mayor of Issoudun.

8th Moon

8th Moon : « Madame Georges »

Between dream and dawn…

April 2017, the eighth Moon. It’s a 12-string guitar. The body is made of curly maple, the soundboard is made of spruce, the back is made of poplar, the fingerboard is made of chequer-tree, and there are several percussion parts made of spruce.

7th Moon

7th Moon : “Disorder”

Seven… Childhood, and what it has given to me… I called this guitar “Disorder”.

January 2017. Electric guitar, P90 microphone (made by Hep Cats), Gotoh tuning machines. The neck is made of maple, the body is made of walnut wood. On the guitar’s body, from bottom to top: boxwood, maple with sugar maple spots, birdseye maple from Canada, chestnut tree, curly cherry wood, walnut, apricot tree wood, cross strut made of beam-tree, ebony, inlays and bindings  made of 17 different woods, the fingerboard is made of inlayed amaranth.

6th Moon

6th Moon : “Direction Home”

I dreamed of a palace made of wooden board in the trees
I dreamed of the end of a path with the nice smell and taste of milk and honey
I called this guitar « Direction Home »…

November 2016, this sixth Moon is a bass with nylon strings.

5th Moon

5th Moon : “Impermanence”

This instrument represents a key turning point in my 9 Moons project. Something big is taking shape, maybe something huge (!) with these 9 + … instruments (might mean 10)… Life is made of meetings and sometimes you happen to meet wonderful people. I will let you know about it all later, just be patient, wait and see…

October 2016, this guitar is the 5th Moon: I called it “Impermanence”…
This instrument has nylon strings, a sounboard made of ash tree wood, the back is made of walnut, the neck is made of curly maple, the fingerboard is made of chequer-tree, the bridge is made of ebony, there are Pegheds tuning machines, and a Fishman affinity mic.

4th Moon

4th Moon : “Bel”

February 2016, this guitar is the fourth Moon, I called it “Bel”…

To me, doubt is the emergency exit of my convictions. I swallow silence, I fill it up with noise, percussion and music. My silence has to be musical, it has to get the energy of the frozen vibe… Or to have the nonchalance of an harmonic progression lost in oblivion or nothingness! Sounding box made of birch and beam-tree, walnut neck, purpleheart wood fret board. Guitar and ukulele head tuners piezo mic with volume and tone. The D and G strings are octave-doubled.

3rd Moon

3rd Moon : “Tenue de soirée”

November 2015, my third Moon: “Tenue de soirée” or “Dressed up”…
Tenue de soirée: a wrong idea of classic and of its legacy, of what I thought I had seen of it or heard… Tenue de soirée: a movie (referring to a French movie)… Tenue de soirée: it was shown at the Bellevilloise at the first guitar on December 2015 along with the first moon and the second one! Cherry tree, maple, ebony, spruce and chestnut tree and piezo mic for this classic guitar…

2nd Moon

2nd Moon : “Variance”

November 2015, my second Moon: “Variance”… Or why reversing some acoustic or even mechanical codes lead me to the same truths… Differences or variations can open new paths! This instrument is a ukulele: walnut tree, apricot tree, boxwood, maple, rosewood (I don’t remember which one), spruce and Piezo microphone.

1st Moon

1st Moon : “Lute and architecture…”

October 2015, here’s my first Moon…
I called it “Lute and architecture for a guitar”, as the relationship between both of them seems so close to me !

The video above shows a presentation of the first Moon made in the workshop, and Marc Longchampt at the guitar Fair of Bellevilloise in 2015.

The woods used for this instrument are the following: chestnut wood, spruce, limewood, rowan (neck), cherry-tree wood, wild cherry-tree wood, yew, chequer-tree wood (fingerboard), apricot-tree wood (bindings), laburnum (bridge) and Rio rosewood (pickguard). The mic’s brand is Fishman Affinity. Matt varnish.