Multi-percussion instrument (bass drum, percussion + treble, cuica, guiro, clavero, clave… all at once!), equipped with pickup and a wooden strip, which can be played plucked or rubbed using a bow, or even scraped guiro style, completely dismountable.

The main idea of this instrument is to reproduce the sounds obtained by vibrating a ruler on the edge of a table. The German musician Hans Reichel created the “Daxophone” on this same principle. By using it with a cello bow he obtains a number of astonishing noises and frequencies.

My work on the “Stickbow” involves having taken the decision of making it into a percussion instrument (in line with my stompboxes or my dijiclaves) by making a bow capable of also serving as a stick (stick-bow) and finally I designed and developed a uniquely shaped blade in larch, maple, hornbeam or cypress that can be partially tuned.