The stompbox is a foot percussion that is most enjoyable for musicians like John Butler, Jeff Lang or Tommy Emmanuel.

It’s all made of solid wood (firs wood and American walnut-tree wood), the instrument got 1 or 2 piezo sensors (heal and toeing) to get a better reading of the frequencies. The signal can get through a pre-amp (most amps are fitted with a pre-amp) or in a compressor… or anyway in all the effects you wish!


Contrestomp… “double stomp” !

Following directly my musical bows, here’s the contrestomp: the combination of the stompbox and an electro acoustic washtub bass… The contrestomp is fitted with 3 passive piezo mics (string, neck and heel of the neck), a 6.5 jack and a broom handle. Stomp and tailpiece made of walnut wood, heel made of firs, nylon string 3 mm. It can be played with a drumstick or in pidz…