Arpeggione or guitar “da gamba”

The arpeggione is also called “da gamba” guitar or cello guitar.

Check out the new 2023 feature: the love arpeggione, with 7 sympathetic strings.

2021-2022 models:

Scale 591mm, EADGBE tuning, compatible with DGCEAD bass viol tuning, 22 frets, cello endpin.
Dark models: spruce top, wavy maple back and sides, whitebeam fingerboard, maple neck.
Clear model: spruce top, mountain ash back and sides, rosewood fingerboard.


Ci-dessous, les premiers modèles de guitare à archet :

Having no endpin, unlike cello (but of course I can put one if you wish), the arpeggione has to be played holding it between the knees. This instrument was invented by the instrument-maker Johann Georg Staufer in 1823, as a declined model of a guitar. In the “Arpeggione” sonata by Franz Schubert (D821), the arpeggione part is nowadays often played with arrangements for various instruments, like cello, alto cello, double bass and guitar.