Double Bass

No photo of this double bass, but a small video demo to watch…

Here are the explanations given in the video:

Here’s my model of double bass, completely made of solid wood, the soundboard is made of spruce, the body and the sides are made of lime-tree wood, the back is made of olive ash, it’s a very hard wood and it gives a very good resonance. The soundboard is not a carved one, it is fitted with a bass barr with a H shape inside and a sound post. The fingerboard is made of dogwood, the tailpiece is made of walnut wood, the neck is made of apple-tree wood, and I made this head to hide the bass tuning machines. This head is both aesthetic and acoustic, as I have no volute I have to add a little weight to put the right balance and make the whole instrument sound. But you can come and give it a try, of course!