Eden M (Mandola)

This tenor violin belonging to my “Eden” range is tuned like a mandola (GDAE). I drew it so that it could get cello 1/8 strings, which allows me to make the chord with a 460 mm scale. It has 12 sympathetic strings on an autonomous bridge, the strings pass below the fingerboard. There are 19 frets. I also make an option with a nylon fretted fingerboard or a fretless one. The soundboard is made of spruce, the back is made of curly cherry-tree wood (the added allows not to block the vibration of the back; this instrument has got a sound post), the sides (monoxyl) are made of cedar, the neck is made of walnut wood and the tailpiece is made of boxwood, the bridge is made of ebony and bone, there’s an internal piezo mic (which is self powered and has 2 cells), a strap button, guitar tuning machines, mat varnish.