Dulcimer, or chromatic dulcimer

In the video below, you will find my demo and the flyhippy video:

When making this instrument, I intended to give the guitar-players the ability to play the dulcimer without having to change fingering (the dulcimer is played like a keyboard instrument). You can make lots of chords but the main principle is quite simple: you got 6 notes and only 2 musical notes. For example: CGCGC (the last string is doubled for the melodies, the others are drones). It’s all made of solid wood which is selected: the soundboard is made of spruce, the back is made of walnut wood, the tuning machines are guitar ones, the fingerboard is made of stained maple, there are 23 frets with a  fingerboard inlay that is similar to the one you put on a guitar, the nut and the bridge are made of ebony. There is a strap button. There are folk guitar strings: it’s available in EA, AD, DG (please make your choise when placing an order). It is matt varnished.

You can see the brand new models of the dulcimers made in the workshop in 2016 below.

And below are the very first models… In the video you can see these dulcimers, here are the explanations given in the video:

These are quite special, as you don’t play them horizontally put on a table or something, but these are instruments that I made so that they could be hold. I made them that way, their shape is completely triangular. Some of them are in cherry-tree wood, or in walnut wood, or ash tree wood, I used several different woods, I put 6 strings on the instrument, then guitar tuning machines, very simple but efficient, and a chromatic keyboard. I didn’t made a diatonic fingerboard but a chromatic one so that you could get as many playings as possible on this small instrument that can be very interesting. All the strings I use are guitar strings, this instrument is tuned DG, but you can make lots of chords. The length scale is the one of a tenor banjo, that is to say 540 mm.