First of all, a big thanks for the interest you show for my guembris. Even if it’s a very personal version of this instrument, some of you felt like giving it a go and got one, so I continue on this journey with this brand new instrument: the guembass !

The body is made of limewood, the soundboard is made of spruce, the neck is made of maple, the fingerboard is made of walnut with or witout frets. There are a few pictures of this instrument as a special order, with gut strings from Morocco: tuning ADGC (it’s possible to change the strings and put nylon strings instead of gut strings). The whole instrument is hollow so that you could get an efficient soundboard move for the sound system. There are 3 sensors: 1 electrostatic mic, an active piezo mic (for the setting of the tune volume), and an extra percussion sensor to be able to manage independently the percussion and the strings.