Petit saz tenor

Here are the explanations given in the video:

In the video you can see the citols or moorish guitars, or saracen guitars that I make. They are all made of solid wood, these are instruments that I draw, this one is made of plane-tree as for the back and the sides, and spruce for the soundboard. I’m gonna show you two models, one that is mostly played plucked, this one, and a model that can be plucked, or played with a bow as well. All the models have frets, diatonic or chromatic frets.

You can see below the “petit saz tenor”, new citol model, 3-string or 4-string version (tuning GDG, double high string) the soundboard is made of spruce, the back is made of lime-tree wood, lime monoxyl, the neck is made or fretted elm, and there’s a piezo mic.