The videos below shows the violin rebec, and you can hear 2 improvisations by Marion Zammarchi:

Violin rebec: for this instrument I used the same dimensions as the ones of a violin, all the position indicators are the same. Indeed, I noticed that lots of violon players don’t especially feel like changing the fingering and their positions to play medieval music. The instrument is very powerful, it’s perfect for musicians who play in the streets. The tuning machines (guitar ones) are hidden under a wooden cover that respects the look of the instrument and makes it quite simple to tune whatever the weather might be. It is fitted with an inner piezo mic.

6-string and 12-string rebec: 6-string rebecs have 3×2 strings and the 2 first strings are one octave higher pitched. The 12-string ones have 3 or 4 playing strings and sympathetic strings passing under the fingerboard. The videos below show a 6-string and a 12-string rebec and an impro by Marion Zammarchi sounding like a nice Indian music tune…

Rebecs d’amour “dernière génération” :
– Rebec d’amour façon violon : accord GDAE + 6 cordes sympathiques, longueur vibrante du violon
– Rebec d’amour façon alto : accord CGDA + 8 cordes sympathiques, longueur vibrante du violon alto

En photo ci-dessous, une ribambelle de modèles, par arrivée chronologique…