Hurdy-gurdy with a neck

En cours de nouvelle fabrication… à venir fin mai 2019 !

The video below shows the hurdy-gurdy and explains how to apply cotton to the strings.

I’m the only instrument-maker of this instrument in the world. It was inspired by the mozarabic era (10-11th century), it is a free and personal interpretation of this instrument…  It is a 6-string model (nylon strings), the tuning is CGD or GDG + 3 sympathetic strings tuned G, D or C. The neck is fretless, the fingerboard is made of walnut with frets indicators, the sound post is made of spruce. It’s all made of solid wood: there is an arched (or a carved) soundboard made of solid spruce, walnut, cherry-tree wood or apple-tree wood, the neck is made of lime-tree wood, the bridge is made of maple, the wheel cover is made of spruce, the tailpiece is made of rowan, there are Gf tuning machines, a wooden crank, a metallic axis with Teflon mechanical bearing. It’s natural varnished, and there are 2 strap buttons. There’s an optional inner piezo mic with a jack plug.

As illustrated below: the hurdy-gurdy that belonged to Michael Praetorius (this is the only documentation borrowed from a Spanish colleague that I could find for this instrument) and the various models of hurdy-gurdies made in the workshop in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2009.