Viola da gamba

The video shows the viola da gamba and the treble viol:

That’s how the da gamba family has expanded, step by step: viola bass, treble viol, tenor model, 7-string model. This viola da gamba is free and personal inspirational and it can be declined in various models: student model or concert model…

Ci-dessous, un modèle 2021 de la basse de viole 7 cordes, frettée 23 cases, équipée d’une pique de violoncelle, table en épicéa, fond en frêne olivier, éclisses en érable ondé, touche en alisier.


And below, the first models:
The soundboard is made of spruce, the back and the sides are made of apple-tree wood, it’s also available in cherry-tree wood, walnut or curly maple, the neck is made of walnut, the fingerboard is made of service tree (with nylon ligatures). There are guitar tuning machines because they are easier to use and more precise, the bridge and the tailpiece are made of chequer-tree.