Eden G (Guitar)

This Eden G is the very first instrument of my “Eden” range, it is at the very start of a big adventure…

To make it possible for musicians to play on unique instruments in the world is awesome and since I started my work, I’ve been doing my very best for that with pleasure. This instrument was made to make guitar players be carried away into the fantastic world of the bowed instruments. The majority of the bowed guitars that have been made (“arpeggione” in Italian) are played like cellos or viole da gamba. Using the idea of the Swedish nyckelharpa, I could keep the guitar playing position. Nonetheless, it seems important to me to warn my future potential customers about the fact that as for any new instrument, time is required to learn… You won’t be able to master the bowing technique within 2 days!

The soundboard is made of spruce, the body is alder (monoxyl), the back is made of chestnut wood, the neck is made of walnut wood, and the fingerboard is made of maple. The Pegheds (that are sold at Fred’s guitar store in Toulouse) are a perfect imitation of the wooden pegs but have a high-precision internal mechanism.

Dernier modèle : table en épicéa, corps en tilleul, fond et manche en frêne, cordier et touche en alisier.